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All items marked " * " are either sold or not available ofr sale.
SoaringCastle Drakes II: Soaring
Acrylic on 30x10.5 inch Illustration Board $300.00The High Towers: Ascent
(irregular alignment occured during pasting of 3 jpgs in order to show the whole work in one piece.)
Castle Drakes(NFS)Castle Drakes
10x10 inch Acrylic on board. Matted $60.00 SOLDSacrifice* Acrilic on 12x16 inch board. Framed.$200.00My Monstre
Mele's Tall House* CliffZilla! King of the Monsters *(property of Cliffzilla!)
I really did barter this painting ofr a refrigerator!The Refrigerator Commission* acrylic on 23x7 inch board. Matted. $150.00Escaping Belos
Acrylic on 20x8 inch board. Matted. NFSBeacon on Phobos 1st Impressionism of the 3rd Kind*
If ofund Please Contact Prof. G. Challenger (acrylic vrs.)* "Quiet Disturbing Moment By The Lake*


Gate I: The colour in Acrylics


Gate II: Eldrich Sketches

Gate IV : The Outre Rim

The Front Gate